4x4 Deer stand

2015-11-07 written by: Brad

Sketchup drawing of deer stand

After working on my neighbor’s Ginormous Deer stand I thought it would be a good idea to come up with one similar but for a single person.

I have made a set of plans for this, but haven’t built one myself. If anyone is interested in trying it out and sending me some pics to post on here as to how it turned out just let me know in a comment below and I will email you the plans to try out.

Sketchup drawing of roof module for modular deer stand

This deer stand is designed to be modular. The game plan would be to build the stand modules in a convenient location, then haul out to the final site for assembly

It wil be built in 6 modules consisting of the roof module.

Sketchup drawing of the two side modules for the modular deer stand

Two Side Modules

Sketchup drawing of the back module support platform and front module for the deer stand

The back module, Support platform, and finally the front module.

Deer Stand
Modular Design
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