Bunk Beds for the Camper

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

This stack of lumber costed 70 bucks at the local home improvement store…Not too bad for a set of full size bunk beds

Cut all parts to length

Verifying the .75 measurement of a piece of standard ’1 by’ lumber to set the depth of my dado blade.

I cut dado’s in the frame so the plywood would be inset a bit and also strengthen the corner joints a bit.  Here I am setting the depth of the dado blade.

Clamping the corners

Squaring up the frame using three long clamps hooked end to end.  This way I can pull the long side in with the clamps which also holds it in place while I attach the plywood to the bottom.

Fitting in the center part of plywood

I put plenty of screws in this thing…the last thing I want to do is fall through it in the middle of the night!

…And that is it!  Pretty basic, but it should do just fine once I get it out there and add some padding to it for the mattresses

Tied down to my ‘redneck roof rack’…that is what my co workers called them!

This is where I am going to mount them

I put a few braces in that the frames will sit on.

I install the first platform and brace it up some more at the front edges.

Going with the same concept for the top bunk, I add some braces on the back wall.

2×4 tie in with some of the smaller braces to stiffen things up a bit.

A few more braces here and there to beef it up a bit.

bunk bed
bunk house
full size bunk beds

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