2016-10-07 written by: Brad

This set of plans is the easiest to build from the ones I have made so far. I have built two night stands using my plans and everything works out perfectly. Even if you are not a collector this is a fun project to build in an afternoon.

Plans come with detailed step by step instructions, full size templates to aid with part alignment, and full size cut sheets you’ll affix to your wood of choice to aid in cutting out each piece.

Tools Required:
Scroll saw or Bandsaw
Razor knife

Materials needed:
1 sheet 1/16 x 2 x 12 Basswood or other hardwoods suggested
1 sheet 1/8 X 3 X 24 Basswood or other hardwoods suggested
1 1/16” x 1/16” x 4” Square Stick–Basswood or other hardwoods suggested
1 Knob or your choice
Glue Stick
Packing Tape
Medium CA super glue

Watch me build one on my youtube channel!!

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