Irwin Quick Grip Clamp Repair

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

I thought I broke one of my Irwin Quick Grip clamps by pulling the handle out accidentally…but it is easy to fix

I store my clamps under my workbench clamped to the 1×4 support for my workbench drawers. I tried to pull one out the other day and the only thing that came out was the handle of the clamp… I thought it had broken at first glance.

I always take the mind set when something is broken… I can’t break it any worse. So before I throw something away I always try to fix it first.I popped off the plastic cover of the clamp to try and see if I had sheared off some sort of pin or something, but it turns out there is really no pin. the handle just slides in and out fairly easily

With both covers removed from the sides of the clamp, the handle just slides right in place with a little pressure applied by my thumb as illustrated in the photo.Next just snap the plastic side covers back in place and the clamp is good as new. The side plates are what holds the handle in place and the only thing holding the side plates in is plastic alignment pins. Hope this helps someone out.

irwin quick grip

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