Miniature Night Stand 1/6 Scale

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

Just finished this miniature night stand that is playscale size and figured I’d put it up on my site. This night stand is the prototype version that I built to verify the cut sheet portion of my plans. Once I had this finished I was able to work out the step by step section of the plans. Building it first helped me figure out what templates I need to add to make construction easier. The final step before calling the plans complete is to build another night stand and verify each step as I go along.

I started out by printing the full size templates and glueing them down to basswood sheets

Next I cut all the parts out with my bandsaw. A scroll saw could also be used. The bandsaw leaves a good bit of sanding that has to be taken care of…

Almost done with the assembly here. I used mainly one template to assemble the frame front, but I may look into adding a few more to help with alignment of some parts.

Ready to finish and stain it!

Finally got it stained and clear coated. I made the book and glasses just to give it a stand out look. Now that I have the plans first draft completed I’ll need to build one more to validate all of the steps…I’ll soon have another set of playscale furniture plans under my belt!

1/6 scale
night stand

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