Some Rustic Furniture I've Built

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

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Here is a small collection of rustic furniture I built after returning from a vacation to the Smokey Mountains. This stuff was built with only a hand drill and hatchet.

I built the chair with some oak saplings I found in a brush pile that had set piled up for a little over a year.

The seat was made with some pine side boards from the sawmill slab pile.

It was suprisingly sturdy once completed and we used it for several years before retiring it to decoration only.

The chess board was built with…once again…wood salvaged from the sawmill’s slab pile.

I made the feet from limbs with character :)

I made some oak dowels from some dead oak limbs that seemed fairly dry.

checker board
live edge
green wood
sawmill offcuts
sawmill slab

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