Simple Wooden Storage Box/Drawers

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

I was dying to try out my screw advanced box joint jig, so I decided to make a few storage drawers that would fit the the shelving units I found at a yard sale for only 15 bucks.

I bought this metal shelving unit from a yard sale and it was missing a couple of the drawers. I decided to use my newly built jig to make some utility drawers for it.

The box joints came out nicely, however there is a learning curve to getting the sides to line up properly. I thought I had it figured out and cut the both drawers at once.Turned out to be off by about 1/16 on the bottom and top of the drawers. I cut new sides for the boxes, but they were loose and I decided I would just live with the minor miss alignment. After all, they are just going to be junk drawers and were a good learning project on how to use the jig.

I had a 1×6 that I salvaged a few months ago that just happened to be just long enough to build two drawers as long as I split the board into two pieces.

box joint jig
utility drawers

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