The Ginormous Modular Deer Stand

2015-11-07 written by: Brad

My neighbor was looking for a deer stand that he
could fit his whole family in while still having room to
move about. The requirements put forth were it had
to be able to be built in a remote area with no power
in a short amount of time.

So I came up with this design. All pieces are
modular and can be pre built in the garage then
loaded on a utility trailer for transport to the
construction site.

The floor is built in two modules

The idea is to fully build each module to include
plywood sheathing, roofing, etc…As long as it
doesn’t get too heavy.

Construction will be done at home.
Assembly will be done onsite in two trips.

The first trip will be to set the posts, and the second
trip will be complete assembly.

The walls are built in six modules

The roof is built in six modules

Deer Stand
Family Sized

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