Corner Plywood Desk

2014-08-02 written by: Brad

Large corner desk built with one and quarter sheet cabinet grade plywood

After building the first quickie plywood desk for my wife, she suggested I make one for the boys.
I decided on the corner style desk to fit both of my boys at the same time and take up the least amount of space.

CADD drawing of corner desk

The design is pretty simple. The frame work is all 2 inch wide strips and they just sandwich together for form the legs.This Desk is built with 3/4 plywood and requires one full sheet and 1/4 sheet.

Here is a link to the downloadable plans I made for this desk.

Title Page of the free plans

makeshift beam compass

The first thing I did was mark out all of my radiuses before I cut anything on the plywood. This way I was able to have a large work surface to work with.

Stacked 2 inch wide strips of plywood

The next order of business was to cut out all of the frame work pieces. To fit this desk into just 1 and 1/4 sheet of 3/4 plywood, I even had to use the large scrap piece I cut away for the corner desk

cutting out parts with a jigsaw

Next I finished up cutting out the rest of the desk top parts. I just used my jigsaw for the majority of cuts.

Assembling the leg frames for the plywood desk

Assemble all of the frame work for the legs

dry fitting all assemblies for the plywood desk

One of the last things I did was dry fit everything together. I set it up, upside down on my table saw and out feed table

toe nailing the leg assemblies to the plywood desk top

Once I was happy with the dry fit, I traced around the pieces with a pencil that way I knew where to put the glue and exactly where the piece would fit back.

corner desk built with cabinet grade plywood and finished with polycrylic water based paint

A final coat of paint and it was ready to move up to the boys bedroom.

This was a fun project and the best part is it was a start and finish project in one day!

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