A Collection of Chess Sets I have Made.

2014-08-02 written by: Brad

chess board made from end grain firewood

It all started one day when I decided to try to carve a fishing lure from a piece of white cedar my Dad cut up on the sawmill. I ended up using a bench grinder because hand carving proved to be too time consuming and the result reminded me more of a pawn than a fishing lure. It wasn’t long after that I found enough wood to make the first chess board and pieces and progressed from there.

Chess set made with firewood end grain

The first chess board was made with some firewood I had laying around. I used some Oak for the dark pieces and some Magnolia Bay tree for the lighter pieces and a couple of pieces of cedar from the sawmill. I made this one the hard way and cut each square out, then glued them together. I eventually learned a much easier way to make the boards.

Chess set made with rough cut lumber cut by my Grandfather, Dad and myself

Making the boards the easy way involves cutting the wood into strips and gluing them together alternating the dark wood with light wood. Then cut new strips once the glue dries by cutting the board at 90 degrees. Last, turn every other strip 180 degrees and reglue.

Close up of chess pieces hand carved

Another Pic of the set I made for my Dad.

back of the chess board with woodburned message

This is the back of the chess set I made my Dad for Christmas a while back. What is interesting about this piece is it has wood milled at the sawmill by my Grandfather, my dad and myself. The oak has darkened up over time and you can make out the grid a little better now than in this picture.

an attempt at making a large rustic chess board

This is the chess set we usually play with. It is kind-of big and fun to play with. I made it with the intention to sell it, but never got the go ahead from the boss.

close up view of chess set and hand carved pieces

A close up view of the Large Chess Set.

checker board
chess board
chess pieces

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