Craftsman Style Tool Box

2014-08-02 written by: Brad

I was cleaning out the barn the other day and was about to toss an old sewing cabinet out, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I began taking it apart and salvaged some small box type drawers. That, in turn, gave me the idea to build the tool box you see in the pictures.

I ended up piece milling this tool storage cabinet together with a combination of rough cut lumber (the stuff my dad threw in the slab pile :-), the sewing cabinet drawers (the four smaller drawers in the top portion of the tool box), some pecan (main box) from a modified entertainment cabinet, and some old Juniper (bottom drawers) my Grandpa cut with the ole circular sawmill.

This box is fairly simple to build. All I used to build it was a tablesaw, dado blade, and a planer. I built a couple of jigs during the process to help with the box joints on the corners. I also built a cross cut sled just to make my life a little easier.

After I completed the box I stumbled across google sketchup. That is a really handy dandy program to have around. I went ahead and drew up the craftsman style tool box using that program. I will try to attach tool box file along with the photos just to see what happens. You will have to go download the program google sketchup from the internet(its free) to view the tool box plans I drew up.

rough cut lumber
box joint jig
pecan lumber
wooden toolbox

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