Single Sheet Plywood Desk

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  1. Robb Patterson says:

    I am so exhausted from looking for the ideal desk that’s in my mind but I simply cannot find – even in LA!
    Can you please tell me where you’re located and if you ship to LA, or know a solution to my dilemma? Basically:

    I need a large top (solid wood) work space station combined with the hanging file folder drawer pedestal and the second pedestal to be 4- 5 drawers. Drawers are important. Shelves are cool but i can use old church pews I’ve acquired to make those == which leads me to the materials. Solid wood (walnut or oak, mahogany would be cool – of course!) and metal with dovetail corners. Dimensions needed: At LEAST 60”+ wide (Possibly an L-shape or corner) and 30″ deep by 28-29″ high.

    If this was the wrong area to pitch help and ideas for something custom made, please accept my apologies. However, I would love to hear back from you for your thoughts!
    Thank you!
    Robb Patterson

  2. Steve says:


    Nice Desk. Can you provide the length, width, and height of the finished desk? Thanks!


    1. Brad says:

      It is about 5′ x 2′ and 2.5′ tall. The plans are freely available from here

  3. K. Chris Caldwell says:

    I enjoyed your video for the “Easy Single Sheet Plywood Desk .”
    I have very little woodworking experience, and your desk would be perfect for me to build, as it does not have any special “jointing.”
    Would it be possible for you to email me the plans? It would be much appreciated.


    K. Chris Caldwell

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