Single Sheet Plywood Desk

2014-08-02 written by: Brad

My wife bought a new computer and we needed a quick and cheap desk to put it on for now. She wanted a simple desk that was open so it didn’t look like there was too much furniture in our room, so I came up with this design.

I used Google Sketchup to draw up the desk and make sure it fit between the two windows in our bedroom. I was also able to design the lower shelf to hold our satellite receiver and the PC Tower.

I printed out the cut sheet that had all of the dimensions laid out over a virtual sheet of plywood and then began cutting out each piece. I had Lowes split the 4 x8 sheet in two pieces so it would fit in my FJ Cruiser.

On parts that are too big to safely cut with my table saw I use a straight board clamped to the plywood the help cut a nice straight line with the skill saw.

Next I cut out all of my 2 inch wide boards that are used for the legs, shelving supports, and table top supports.

Because there were groups of boards the same length I was able to set up a stop for each length and speed through cutting all the 2 inch boards to length

Finally I assembled the table just using glue and an air nailer. It turned out surprisingly sturdy…I think I may try building some more simple furniture like that in the near future.

Download the free plans for this desk


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