Tiny cabin in the woods

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  1. Jim Fuller says:

    Just donated for Tiny Cabin Plans through Pay Pal and can’t seem to find where to download the plans. A little help would appreciated. Thanks

    1. Brad says:

      Thanks for the donation! The way the process works is first you would be redirected back to a download page with links. Just in case something goes wrong with that part of the process the system generates an email and sends that out as well which contains the links and my email that you are more than welcome to reply to with any questions or comments. Normally when the email doesn’t make it to the inbox it finds its way to a junk folder or spam folder so a recommendation would be to check there. Finally make sure your email was typed out correctly so the email with links finds its way to the right owner. I can always resend the link if you ever lose the file, but you may find it quicker just to go through the download process again, whether you tip or not…the process is the same. Your Generous tip is much appreciated. Send me an email anytime for the quickest responses.


  2. dan says:

    Love your work.. What did cabin cost to build to bare bone walls?

    1. Brad says:

      It is hard to remember exactly, but I think it was about 4500. That was dried in and porch built. The porch was probably nearly a thousand of that.

  3. Robert A Becker says:

    I was wondering what cad software was used for the little cabin?

    1. Brad says:

      I used Google Sketchup to draw out the cabin. I include the sketchup file with the plans. All available for free.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Hey Brad – love the cabin build! We’re just in the planning stages to build something very similar next summer on a little plot of land that we have. I’ve tried twice to purchase your plans, but neither time has it worked. Paypal completes OK, but I never receive confirmation or the plans. I’ve tried a couple of different amounts… Can I contact you directly?

  5. Shannon says:

    Great plan

  6. David Bray says:

    Hi Brad,

    How can I get plans for a slightly bigger cabin than the one you have built? I would like to make that design a 16″ X 30″ cabin. What is the program you used to design it or do you have a way to do it for me for a small fee?

    1. Jay says:

      We will be building a small cabin on our property this summer. I’ve seen many videos and plans, but yours just seems to be “it”. You’ve certainly done a great job!

      I would second the request for a 16 x 30 cabin. (And would donate a dinner too!) Will do a donation to get your smaller plans for now.

  7. I work with the United Farmer Veterans of Maine & United Veterans of Maine. We are going to build 5 Cabins on our teaching farm in Prentiss, Maine. What have seen so far, you have done great work. It gives me lots of ideas. I don’t use Paypal. How can I get a set of your plans ?

    Our Facebook Page = https://www.facebook.com/UnitedFarmerVeterans/

    1. Brad says:

      Feel free to select the no donation option, then proceed with the checkout. The plans are free. At this time I have no other way of electronically accepting donations. The only other way would be by mailing a check. Shoot me an email if you would like my address. Cheapwoodworking@gmail.com

      Thanks for your intrest.

  8. Macie says:

    I tried to follow your time line, but I’m curious as to how long the entire building process took? My fiancé and I are hoping to start building this coming spring/summer. Thinking approximately 500 sq ft down stairs and loft in back portion of the cabin.


    1. Brad says:

      Well, my tiny cabin is only 192 Sq ft not including the loft or porches. I spent 3 weekends or 6 days building the foundation and porches. Then in a seperate 9 day trip I dried in the cabin…no siding or roofing other than tar paper in that trip. It took another weekend for the roof and yet another weekend or two to finish the siding. Hope that helps.


  9. maziyar says:

    thanks for video.
    I’d like to make this cabin. How do I develop complete map of the tiny cabin

    1. Brad says:

      I am not really sure what you mean by that. Could you rephrase your question?

  10. Jeff Voss says:

    I’d like to know what computer programs you used to make all of your plans. It looks really user friendly and easy to use.

    I’m trying to plan a cabin to build myself in Missouri. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

    1. Brad says:

      I use Google Sketchup for the drawings.

  11. Tim says:

    Brad, I am in process of building 12×24 with additional 8 feet for a covered porch using the same roof line. I really like your roof beam design. I was wondering if I could splice together several different lengths of 2×8 boards to make a 33 foot beam and use fewer wall to wall rafters to support the roof? I was thinking of every 8 feet make a double 2×6 rafter with vertical support to ridge beam and using your rafter design. Any suggestions?
    Thank you. Tim

    1. Brad says:

      There are a lot of factors that go in to play when you construct beams. My advice would be to start finding span tables and figure out what size and type of wood you need. I am not an expert in this field so my advice is limited. Just do what i do…consult Dr. Google.

  12. Robert M says:

    is loft counted in sq feet if there is one and do i need a building permit for this ?

    1. Brad says:

      ~190 square feet on the lower level. ~95 for the loft. As far as a permit, you should check with your local city/county.

  13. Doug Stuffle says:

    I really like your plans – thanks for sharing! I am curious on how you finished the interior; specifically, did you add a bathroom and small kitchen?

    1. Brad says:

      I built a composting toilet (outhouse) located a short distance from the cabin. I currently have a small temp kitchenette built for the inside. I used the stove and sink from the old RV i converted into a bunkhouse earlier in the project. I have a lot of stuff on the things to do list for the Cabin. I know I am slow at it, but I will keep working on it and over time make if nice for our weekend get-aways. I will probably do an update video at some point in the near future to show the inside as it is now and maybe show a little water pvc pump I am in the process of building.

      1. Doug Stuffle says:

        Brad, can you list the dimensions of the windows you bought 2nd time around – would like to try and learn from your mistake. Thanks

        1. Brad says:

          I am having trouble remembering what the problem was. It seems like I ordered replacement windows instead of new construction for the front. The rough opening for the front windows is 24 x 38. I ended up going and just buying some that would fit, I will try to measure the actual ones when I go out next…maybe weekend after next.

  14. Brad says:

    Any luck?

    1. david says:

      Brad, I have them now! Thank you very much.

      1. Brad says:

        Great, glad to hear that. Hope they work out well for you.

  15. Bill says:

    Brad, thanks for coming through for me. I must confess however I wasn’t able to donate at this time due to just recently draining my paypal. If you have other means to accept donations please let me know… I’d love to make a donation and will do so when the funds become available in my paypal if no other way presents itself.
    I’ve only been able to just skim through the plans but from what I see they seem well laid out and very detailed. Much appreciated, thanks again!!

    1. Brad says:

      Glad I could help out Bill. No worries about the donation, they are certainly appreciated but not necessary. Paypal is the easiest, cheapest and most secure way for me to accept payments right now. Going out and spending $200 + on an SSL certificate for my site would be the only way I know of to accept other types of payments. For the amount of traffic my site gets it just doesn’t make financial sense really. If you decide to build the cabin, or one like it be sure to send me some pictures! Enjoy. 🙂

  16. Bill says:

    Really impressive!! I’ve been interested in doing a project like this for a while now and lately I’ve been really motivated to get started on it. I’ve been browsing the web looking at different designs but nothing has stood out to me as much as yours. I like the idea of pre-cutting all the lumber. Seems to make things go much smoother.

    Any way, I’m really interested in the plans you made and used for this build and would like to know if you’ve made them available to buy. Drop me a line…

    1. Brad says:

      I am working on them this weekend. Hopefully I will have something up before Monday.

        1. nick sanborn says:

          Hello! Love your cabin. Want to most definitely build the exact same thing . I am looking for your blueprints and what not. Step by step. I tried to download them but my phone computer or tablet will not download them. Please email me. Nicolelussanborn@yahoo.com.
          Thank you

          1. Brad says:

            No problem. I spent the weekend out there and am heading home now. I’ll send them once I get home and settle in.

  17. Michael lavan says:

    I loved your cabin you built. I have been looking for plans for one just about like it. I sure would apriciate it if you could send me a set. I’m very willing to pay for them and postage. It will be perfect for me since I am a disabled vet moving back up home to Alaska. I will give you my info and if you would email me back with your decision. Thanks for reading this and am looking forward hearing from you soon
    Thanks Again,
    Michael Logan

  18. Tom Hollins says:

    I didn’t see how your created your footings.
    I want to create an 8′ x 12′ playhouse for my daughter.
    Is the cabin just sitting on what looks like concrete slab block?

    1. Brad says:

      It is sitting on concrete blocks. I used two solid 2 x 8 x 16 to create a 16 x 16 base. Under the base is pea gravel to help with leveling. It is working out fine so far, but I may have to re-level in a year or so.

      1. Robert M says:

        does this design have the upper level loft for a bedroom and how much do you estimate costs for materials, and does home depot pre cut all the frame wood ?

        1. Brad says:

          I use the upper level to sleep in, It is just tall enough to sit up without hitting your head…depending on how tall you are :). I have 6000 in it so far, but it still needs quite a bit to finish. I wouldn’t trust home depot to cut all of the framing pieces.

          1. Davis says:

            Hey Brad, I was wondering if you could provide a cost update.

            Thanks for your video and resources – my buddies and I are thinking of building our own cabin, and this is very helpful!

          2. Brad says:

            I stopped tracking too closely, but I feel like it will be around 6500 when it is all done. I am somewhere around 5500 now and only need to put up some inside walls and case out the windows. That even includes the Kitchenette, which I have yet to upload the video for it and other furniture. I think that included the inverter and batteries too, however I am one frugal dude and can find all kinds of ways to save money… 🙂

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