Woodworker’s Storage Bin for Cutoffs

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

I needed a way to store my cutoff’s from all of my various projects. I was using a plastic tub and just chunking the pieces I didn’t want to throw away in it, but after a while it gets full and it’s hard to find anything when you need it.

So I decided to draw up a quick and easy project that shouldn’t take too long to build. I designed this storage bin to be built from 3/4 material. I had a good bit of 3/4 particle board and scrap pieces I wanted to get rid of so this was the perfect use for those ‘junk’ pieces.


The base is 2’x2’ and 2 foot tall. Once I finished this set of plans, I printed it out and started laying out all the parts on my scrap 3/4 material I had on hand. Once I had everything laid out I went on a cutting spree using my skill saw. For this project precision is a bonus, not a requirement.

Once I cut out all the pieces I started the assembly. I just used drywall screws to assemble the entire thing.

The inserts slide into one another. This makes the assembly easy. Once the inserts are in place I screwed them in place which also strengthened the whole project.

I added some caster so I could move it around the shop. I’ll probably store some larger pieces behind the storage bin, with the casters I can just move it out of the way to get to the larger pieces behind it.

It filled up quick…actually there is still a good bit of room in it. This project turned out handy and super easy to build…now I have to get back to cleaning up my garage/workshop.

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