Camper Tearout

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

Once I got this old camper home and took a better look at it, I began to realize that I maybe made a poor decision. Oh well, it will not be the first time, nor the last time that I choose poorly. The clock was ticking because of HOA rules…let the tear out commence!!

The more I tore out the worse It got, turned out the entire back side of it was completely gone. The floor had actually turned to pure mud it was so rotted. There weren’t even any wooden supports left in the floor.

The back side was the worst spot. About a foot up from the floor was rotted on one side and the camper had actually sank in a little. The only thing holding the wall up was the wheel well. I ended up having to jack up that side using a scissor jack once the floor was fixed and build a temporarily permanent wall to hold everything up.

It started looking a little better once I put in some runners on the floor and added insulation between them.

I had already used up three days of vacation to get this far. Christmas was approaching and I didn’t want the neighbors to have to look at the camper any more, so off the land I went. I stayed in it the first night by myself, the temperature dropped to 24 F that night and as you can see in this picture there were plenty of spots with no insulation…it was a cold night.I later insulated all of the spots needing it, and just put the house wrap from lowes around everything to cover the insulation. I didn’t want to put anymore money into this thing than I had to. We’ll be adding furniture soon.

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