Model Dining Room Table and Chairs

2016-10-07 written by: Brad

Full Color plans with detailed how to descriptions of each step along with full size templates that can be cut from the plan and pasted onto each workpiece to aid in cutting pieces to length and shape. Table can be easily made with standard balsa wood stock or upgrade to available small hardwood square stock available at home improvement stores. Basswood sheets or 1/4 inch plywood can be used for the seats of the chairs and table tops.

Step by step guide to aid constructionof the 1/6 scale dinning room table. Detailed instructions including the construction of jigs to help with construction.

Complete material list for the table and chairs.

Full size printable templates to ease assembly of the miniature furniture.

Build the Table and Chairs straight on the full size template using the same techniques RC airplane builders have used for years.


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