Sectional Couch and Water Supply

2015-10-05 written by: Brad

This past weekend involved a spur of the moment trip out to the Cabin for a few reasons. My wife found a nice sectional couch…just the one she has been looking for at a Habitat for Humanity resale store which was the primary reason for the trip and the secondary reason was the addition of a Berky Water Filtration system which claims to be the ultimate water purification system on the market…we shall see. haha. And one last reason was to see how this terrible weather we’ve been having affected the small creek our cabin is built next to.

We had no where to store the couch and had to get it out to the cabin as soon as possible, so we headed out Beverly Hill Billy style with it strapped to the roof rack. This is how it looks set up out there…it is actually pretty nice. Not bad for 200 bucks!

The secondary reason was we wanted to test out the Berky Water Purification. I was impressed to say the least. At some point I will do a video on just the water filter. It is amazing how it can transform the dirty creek water into drinkable water in just a few hours.

This is a picture of it setup at the house. We ran clean water through it a few times and followed the directions on setup before bringing it out.

We spent the rest of the trip just enjoying the rain and relaxing.

Water Purification

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