Tree Stump Puller Ideas…

2014-08-03 written by: Brad

When I Pulled my camper onto my property I had to cut down about 15 trees. Most of them are just around 4 inches in diameter. Now I have to come up with a way I can pull the stumps out of the ground so I don’t give myself a blowout driving onto the property.

Trying to keep costs down I came up with a method using tools I already have, but after looking at the google sketch up of the idea it seems there is a lot of stuff to carry around to each stump. Also the 4×4 would probably break because calculating the force applied to the stump (fe = fa x d1/d2) came out to around 10,000 pounds.

I decided buying an 8 ton come along for $30 bucks at harbor freight and using this method would be the simplest. This is the method I remember being told to use years ago by one of my uncles.

I’ll be heading out to the property next weekend to try this stuff out…hopefully one of these methods works okay.


I went back out this weekend and pulled all of the stumps minus one. I ended up not even using the 4×4 post. I figured out it was easier to just dig around the roots, then chop them with the axe. At that point I was able to just pull them out with an 8 ton come along fairly easily….but below are photos from the first weekend of pulling stumps.

I ended up only using the second method shown in the photos above. It seemed easier at the time because my wife was there to help and I still haven’t figured a good way to attach the chain to the ends of the post in the first method.

I dug around each stump enough to the the chain wrapped under a main root and wrapped it twice. Also figured out one key thing needed in this method. There has to be a way to keep the chain from slipping over the top of the post. I drilled a 3/8 hole in the end of it and inserted a long bolt through a link of chain and into the post. This seemed to work okay, but it bent the bolt each time and eventually my post began to split.

This ended up being one of the largest stumps I pulled out. It actually came out fairly easily because there were no deep roots. most just spread across the top of the ground.

4x4 post
stump puller

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